FAQ EF Teacher Development Certificate


What is the EF Teacher Development Certificate?

The EF Teacher Development Certificate is a free online teacher training program that consists of six free webinars. Once you successfully attended all six seminars, you will be awarded your official EF Teacher Development Certificate and can show off your commitment to professional growth and boost your teaching credentials.


What’s a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet. Each of our webinars for the TDC is one hour long and is conducted by EF’s language education specialists and guest lecturers from well-known organizations, such as Oxford University Press.


Does it cost anything to attend the webinars?

No, the webinars are completely free of charge.


How do I sign up for the webinars?

To sign up for all six webinars, simply fill out our online form. You will receive an email with instructions and the link to the next upcoming webinar shortly after.


Where do I find information on the different webinars?

You will find all the information about upcoming webinars in our Upcoming section.

If you’re interested in past webinars, just head over to our Recorded section.


What do I have to do to earn the certificate?

First, you will have to register, then you have to attend all six webinars. You will not have to take any exams or write any reports but there is attendance proof form at the end of each webinar, and it has to be filled out after every webinar out of six in order to count towards the certificate.


What if I miss some webinars?

You can still earn your certificate by watching the recordings of the webinars and submitting the answers to the questions through the answer form that is given at the end of each webinar recording. In order to count towards the certificate, we need to receive all the answers by the end of each program.


Can I attend a webinar without registering?

No, you will have to register ahead of time. However, the process is quick and easy so you can also register right before the webinar starts.


What software do I need?

You will need an Internet browser and the link to the webinar. There is no additional software needed but make sure your Internet connection is fast enough and the speakers on your computer work. If you are in a public place, you might want to use headphones to minimize distractions.


Can I download the webinars?

No, you cannot download the individual webinars but you can watch the recordings online. Just go to the Recorded section and click on the Watch Webinar button. After registering, you will receive a link to watch the webinar any time you want to.


Do I need to purchase any textbooks?

No, you will not have to purchase any textbooks for the webinars. We encourage you to take notes, so it will be easier to answer the question at the end of the session.


Can I ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, you are very welcome to ask questions during the webinar. There is a group chat available on the left side of the webinar screen. Simply type in our question and it will be answered during the webinar.


How and when will I receive my certificate?

If you have successfully attended all six seminars, we will send you an e-certificate during January 2018.


Can I apply the certificate towards a degree?

At this point, the EF Teacher Development Certificate cannot be applied towards a degree. However, it will be an additional benefit when you apply for a job, especially at EF.


Do I have to renew the certificate every year?

No, you do not have to renew your certificate.


Can I get proof of attendance for individual webinars?

If you answer the question at the end of the webinar correctly, you will receive the proof of attendance via email, but there are no certificates for individual webinars.