Read what last year’s TDC’s participants have to say about the program:

“Thank you very much for all the webinars. All six were interesting and helped me look more critically at the way I teach. I will try to improve. Thank you again and hope you will have more interesting things for us in store.”

Irina Rybalchenko from Znanye Language Center, Russia

“They were all very useful, informative and enjoyable.Some helped me structure what I already knew. Some gave me food for thought. I will certainly use your presenters’ brilliant ideas and suggestions to make my lessons more effective and fun.”

Tatyana Videneyeva from Russia

Thank you for the opportunity. I really enjoyed these seminars. I find them very useful. I hope I’ll have the chance to take part in more in the future.”

Szilvia Korpas from Lycée de la Mer, France

“The webinars were useful and helpful to develop my knowledge about teaching a foreign language. Thank you very much!”

MATIAS EZEQUIEL PETRILO from Instituto 127, Argentina

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part on these really great webinars!”

Betty Szilveszter

“Thank you a lot for informing me about your monthly webinar. I am a newly qualified teacher (this is the second year for me as a teacher) and I really need them and benefit a lot from them.”

Donika Curraj

“Thank you for all the seminars. They were really useful.”

Donika Curraj   

“You are doing a great job for us, the teachers, with these webinars!”

Gabriela Stancu